How to Become The Slacker.

First you must disengage. You have to stop listening to the mantra of “it takes hard work to succeed.” It takes your hard work for you boss to succeed. Here’s your mantra, “work is for a mule.”  Let go of the “dream” of buying the nice new car you can drive a few hours everyday to get to that boring job so you to make the payments every month. By the time you get it paid for it’s old and practically worthless. Spend any  additional time finding a way get along without the “job”. Who wants to spend their life performing menial task for someone else’s benefit.

Some General Slacker Rules

  • Never run, when you can walk
  • Never walk when you can stand
  • Never stand when you can sit
  • Never sit when you can lie down

Never ever volunteer to do more than is absolutely required. Never doi more than is absolutely necessary. Learn to  delegate as much as possible. If you’re stuck in a company with a large bureaucracy  the easier that task my be. The higher up the chain you go the more you are able, even expected to delegate. So get started as soon a s possible so you can be seen as management type.

Think For Yourself

Learn to think and survive on your own, you have untapped abilities find them and use them to manufacture you own life outside the rat race. Be happy live your life not the one someone else demands of you.


Water Damage Cleanup Should be Done Immediately

When water comes flooding through any structure, but especially a home, water damage cleanup is necessary. And while it might seem like using towels to soak up this water is the right solution, this will only ruin your towels. Instead of taking your time to haul buckets of water outside, call a water cleanup expert as soon as possible. You will be glad that you did when you see them pull up to your home with a van that has everything needed to clean the water out and dry the structure up. The benefits of doing this work as soon as possible include:

Minimizing Damage

If water sits on your floors or touches your walls for more than an hour,
an extensive amount of damage is going to occur. Unfortunately as time continues to pass, the water will continue to spread and cause even more structural damage. By have the cleanup done as soon as possible you’ll minimize a lot of the damage that would otherwise occur.

Reduce Restoration Cost

If you want to keep the water damage restoration cost as low as possible, you should make sure the process of extracting the water is begins as quickly as possible. Don’t wait! Not only will this reduce your costs, it also reduces the chance of more damage and mold growth. Just like sheet rock and carpet, water damaged furniture must be dried and treated with special (and safe) chemicals to decrease the chances that mold growth. Your personal property also has a greater chance of surviving water damage if it is attended to right away.

Don’t Delay

Waiting to clean the water out of your home will likely result in mold growing and your many belongings being ruined. Unfortunately these things can also put your health at risk, and even result in your home being structurally unsafe. You need a company with experience to take care of your home immediately. One that ensures prompt and complete water damage restoration.

Sometimes It’s Best To Think Things Through

When you are thinking about where to store your things, plan for the worst. You need to think about all of the potential water damage that you could sustain in the areas where you are storing things. Think about where you are storing things and what could happen to them. Many of people who have them, use their basement for storage. I know lots of people that use their basements purely for storage. This makes a bit of sense. But consider a basement flood when you are planning this out.

Sooner Or Later They All Flood

There could be some problems that go along with that. You want to be aware that the basement is the first place to get flooded if it is going to happen. It doesn’t take much water to ruin your stored items. A wet basement floor is enough to allow mold to flourish. Even the high humidity in most basement can promote mold growth. So be aware you are going to have dryout all of those after the rains come. Carefully think through what you are storing in the basement. If it is an album full of old and valuable family photos or important documents or electronics, you may want to consider the attic for those things. There are many other places you can store those types of possessions that are going to be more likely to be damaged by water. But, if you are storing items and gear like your fishing gear, ok, who cares if it gets wet? Go ahead and store all of your stuff like that in the basement. It is a great place to put things that can stand getting wet. But don’t store things that can be damaged by water. Because sooner or later you’ll wind up with a major mess and lose some items to water damage or mold.

Learn From People Watching…Some Would Say It’s Stalking…

Tonight I once again sit in my office as our warehouse building is being used for an event. This event is in no way tied to our daily operations, but with 200+ people here, it’s hard not to be sucked into the socializing. But with the metal roof the noise can a bit much. So,sometimes I go into my office and look out the large glass window to observe the social interactions of my guests.

Every now and then it is important to stop and just be, take in your surroundings, and observer the mundane, trivial, often overlooked aspects of our daily lives. Everyday people are moving from one place to another, on their cell phones, conversing with others as they walk, driving through busy streets, delivery drivers making their rounds; life is always happening.

Life Lessons

Everyday life has lessons for us if we stop and become aware from time to time.
Watch how people talk with one another

  • observe drivers as they talk on their cell phones, react to traffic, or sing to the latest hit on the radio
  • witness the body language of those around you
  • observe how people laugh, joke, or play with one another
  • if you happen to see an argument, watch how they display their emotions

    No Stalking

    Now don’t be a stalker, but sometimes watching how people communicate or how they react to internal and external stimuli can give you some interesting ideas for blogging or discussion. Next time your sitting at a restaurant, in the lobby somewhere, or waiting for a flight, just stop to watch people. You can witness some pretty interesting things.